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Pressed:  Shopping in the Souks of Marrakech, Morocco by Shelley Robinson

28 Feb

Learning the Ropes on the First Day:   When my husband and I first arrived to stay in a lovely little riad in the Medina of Marrakech, we were like lambs to slaughter in the local markets.  We were…

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Pressed:  Call to Prayer by Shelley Robinson

28 Feb

Five Times a Day:  One of the things that moved me greatly when we were visiting Marrakech was the call to prayer known as the “Adhan” in Arabic.  The Muezzin (the religious official wh…

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Pressed:  Yes, Travelling Solo is Possible by Shelley Robinson

28 Feb

Observations about Can and Can’t People:  Before I discuss my thoughts on travelling solo, there seems to be, for me, a key philosophical premise behind why people travel on their own, and wh…

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Pressed:  Paying for Post-Secondary Education by Shelley Robinson

28 Feb


Walking the Stage My son recently graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.  Watching him cross the stage was a huge relief to me for a number of reasons, the dominant one being that he a…

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Pressed:  On the Other Side of Comfortable by Shelley Robinson

28 Feb

Crossing Over from 2016 to 2017:  As I transition into a new year, I realize that 2016 was challenging for me because this was the first year where I have experimented living very differently than …

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Pressed:  The Hats That I Have Worn by Shelley Robinson

28 Feb

I have spent much of my life wearing many hats, both literally and figuratively.  I have never really been fond of them.  First of all, they never seemed to feel very comfortable, nor remain on my …

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Pressed:  A Love Letter to My Husband by Shelley Robinson

28 Feb



I write this love letter to you, my new husband of one year, to remind you of our age (50 something), and as a result, our collective wisdom (over a hundred years together).  Yes, we still have lot…

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